Best Chutzpah (2008)

The Megaplan

The City of Miami's omnibus redevelopment package, a.k.a. The Megaplan, would under any circumstances be called a boondoggle, folly, or even pure insanity. What qualifies it as chutzpah, too, is that this past December, commissioners decided they didn't need to ask voters about redirecting billions of their dollars toward capricious whims instead of curing the poverty much of the money was meant to alleviate. Of course, the voters had already said they wanted $50 million of it to be spent repairing the Orange Bowl — which is being mega-torn down under the plan — so who gives a shit what the voters think? Or maybe it qualifies as chutzpah because several Miami-Dade County commissioners complained they had less than two days to review the extensive plans before their vote — which mysteriously was also a go for this hell-spawn of a love affair between Leviathan and Cthulhu. What exactly do the commissioners expect the public to buy them? A tunnel that no one is sure can physically be built, a baseball stadium unanimously supported by all 25 Marlins fans, a soccer stadium without hope for a team, an art museum in a flood zone, funding for an unprofitable arts center, and a few other tidbits. That's more than $3 billion worth of chutzpah. Feh!


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