Best Inexpensive Italian Restaurant (2008)

Cafe Ragazzi

Opera sung to the tune of "Maria," from West Side Story:

Fat Man One:


We line up to get into Ragazzi,

But once we are inside

Hospitality and pride

Come through.

Fat Man Two:


No glitz here and no paparazzi,

It's mostly local folk

Who don't like to go broke

To eat

In Surfside.


Pasta e fagioli and salad Caprese

(Whisper:) Thin-crust pizza and veal Bolognese

And meatballs,

We'll never stop eating their meatballs,

Their meatballs!

Fat Man One:


Their bread is served all hotsie-totsie.

Most items cost less than 20.

The plates are piled with plenty

To eat

Fat Lady:


Location Details

9500 Harding Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33140