There is the burrito of soft, warm tortilla stuffed with succulent shreds of cumin-spiced, chipotle-marinated barbacoa beef. The burrito bursting with slowly simmered pork carnitas. The burrito caressing chunks of chipotle-marinated chicken. Fact is, the burritos here make those you get at other Mexican chains about as alluring as a yapping Chihuahua. The streamlined menu ("2 things. Thousands of ways"), sleek urban-industrial design, and eco-conscious use of paper goods make the mighty Mickey D's and Burger King seem old and dethroned by comparison. That Chipotle uses products such as Niman Ranch pork, Bell & Evans chicken, and Meyer Natural Angus beef puts it in an entirely different league from all other chain restaurants from fast to casual-upscale. And its use of antibiotic-and-hormone-free meats, organic beans, vegan cheeses, sour cream free of synthetic growth hormones, and total ban of sugar, eggs, nuts, trans fatty acids, and artificial colors or flavorings simply puts the rest of the industry to shame. The bang-for-the-buck meter swings in Chipotle's favor too: Prices top out at $6.10.

Location Details

14776 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami FL 33181


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