You couldn't turn up your iPod loud enough to replicate the groove you'll find at Miami Live. Sure, you could fork over some of your hard-earned bucks to Ticketmaster, but even then you probably couldn't get closer than 100 feet to the artist; at Santo, no one is farther than that from the stage. Each Wednesday, locals and tourists mix with A-list sports, music, and movie stars for a night of live music and surprise performances. Walk through the doors of this chic restaurant not knowing what to expect, and you just might become incapacitated by the sheer grandness of it all: people dressed to the nines, an amazing band, and performances from the likes of John Legend, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and many others from your favorite playlists. The night begins with the "L.I.V.E." Loves the Ladies dinner party and ends with you texting your friends: "Guess who I just saw onstage?" And if you don't believe us, ask the folks who fly into MIA for the night just to see what the hell everyone is raving about.

Location Details

501 S. Federal Highway
Hallandale FL 33009


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