Best Local Song to Go Worldwide (2008)

"Low," by Flo Rida

It started out silently — but violently — whispering through the speakers of local strip clubs and on in-the-know radio DJs' playlists. The voice flowing over the ridiculously hot beat declared, Shawty had them Apple Bottom jeanzzz. Then the T-Pain-crooned hook could be heard bumping out of Bentleys rolling down Ocean Drive, tricked-out Hondas roaring along Bird Road, and D'd-up Caddies cruising on NE 163rd Street. Boots with the fur. Soon the popularity of the song reached a fevered pitch and Carol City native Flo Rida was rockin' the MTV's New Year's celebration, rock prince Travis Barker was remixing the hit, and The Step Up 2 the Streets soundtrack was even getting "Low." The whole club was lookin' at her. This song, born in Hialeah-based Poe Boy Studios, broke ringtone sales records and rocked charts and iPods worldwide. She hit the flo'. Next thing you know, shawty got low low low low low low low.


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