Who among us hasn't looked at the tiny canines parading on Lincoln Road and thought, Damn, that puppy needs a toupee. Well, problem solved. A Bay Harbor Islands woman who was once the wig-master and makeup artist for The Jackie Gleason Show has begun designing hairpieces for dogs. Ruth Regina's creations attach with rubber bands and allow for pointy ears. The result: The four-legged wearer looks like a doggy Joan Crawford. Or Bette Midler. Or Veronica Lake — the sexy "Peek-a-Bow-Wow" model falls down over one of the pup's eyes, giving it a "come-hither look," Regina says. Bangs, braids, and curls are available and start at $29 per wig. Regina's main business, however, involves people. With new styles, she has helped everyone from chemotherapy patients to Judy Garland. During last year's Arf Deco pet parade on the beach, Regina designed a hot pink wig for an abused Pomeranian who was missing a lot of fur. In our book, anyone — or anything — who can bring glamour to needy people and abused dogs is pretty cool.

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1050 Kane Concourse
Surfside FL 33154


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