If you lack fond memories of your dad taking you down to the crick to shoot cans with an old .22, don't despair. Every Thursday night a quasi-, semi-paramilitary band of folks gathers to shoot. They don't pussy around either. They run, hit the dirt, and switch hands. And if you have the cash, you can join 'em — and even take an all-day course: How's about tactical carbineç Or shotgunç Or learning how to waste would-be carjackers from behind the wheel of a rental carç Well, it'll cost you $150 a day for each class, but how else you gonna learnç The Tactical Firearms Academy was started by a captain of the Broward County Sheriff's Office sniper team, Dave Sanders, but has since been taken over by his disciples John Gardner and Andy Blaschik. They're nicer than you'd expect them to be. All in all, it's good times at the academy — unless you're a convicted felon. Then you can't play. Otherwise you just need a valid concealed weapons license.

Location Details

8600 NW 53rd St.
Doral FL 33178


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