They've got orchids that hang, orchids in pots, even orchids with names. In fact Kerry's grows more orchids than any nursery in the United States. And if you aren't an orchid person, don't worry, because Kerry's is the second largest bromeliad grower in the country, too. Want a Guzmania named Hilda or a Vriesea called Tiffanyç You can cruise to Homestead and pick them up at Kerry's cash-and-carry shop, or check them out online before you go. There's also a section on the Website about how to care for your plants. And if that isn't enough, you can e-mail the orchid (or bromeliad) grower. Not bad for Kerry Herndon, a guy who began with an ornamental plant business he started in his grandmother's back yard during high school. The Homestead native and ag businessman's flower empire now includes facilities in Apopka and Costa Rica. His plants are also sold at retailers like Home Depot and Publix. But Herndon doesn't let the success go to his head. He says of his orchids: "It's basically beautiful broccoli."

Location Details

21840 SW 258th St.
Homestead FL 33031


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