Located in a green building in the middle of a residential neighborhood booming with new condos, Green's has been around since 1954. It originally belonged to Henry and Sam Green, but since 1982 the Triana family has continued the tradition of automotive repair. Says Orestes Triana: "We fix it right the first time," which must be why Wackenhut and Supra Telecom trust the place with their fleet work. "We've been here so many years that the trust we have with our clients, it's beyond anything else. We take the time to explain your options, why we should do certain things." Say you drive a Toyota and need your brake pads and rotors refaced. Expect to pay $120 to $140, or about $200 if you drive a Ford Expedition. A complete A/C check, including dye to spot leaks and a Freon top-off, will run you $80. Students and University of Miami employees get a ten percent discount. Whyç Because, Triana says, "I've seen grandfathers, fathers, third-generations bring the cars to us." And Green's Garage wants to keep it that way.

Location Details

2221 SW 32nd Ave.
Coral Gables FL 33145


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