Have a few beers before heading into this place. Once you're in, you'll be privy to one of the largest selections of weird porn the world over. You can't beat the tranny collection: They have Asian T-Girl Latex Nurses AND Teenage Transsexual Nurses 2. You'd think the Internet revolution would have wiped a joint like this off the face of the Earth. But it's odd and nice to know that it didn't. "Make sure to put that David Machado is the best employee," requested a pale, pony-tailed clerk from behind the counter. Machado's mother and father are no doubt glad they freed their son David from Castro's iron grip at the tender age of seven. Had he remained on the island, he might have never had the liberties and opportunities he has here. Could someone ring that motherin' Liberty BellçMachado mostly works nights, helping customers with their queries. Most people keep to themselves, however, especially during the morning shift. The "video store," he sighs, will go the way of the "record shop." It's all about the DVD these days. And Adult Video Connection is in the process of selling off its VHS stock. So if you're hangin' on to your VCR and you love porn, now is your time to strike.

Location Details

2316 Red Rd.
Miami FL 33155


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