Best TV Show (2007)

The King of Miami

Smart things about Miami are hard to come by. Sometimes parts of our city blow up in a crappy action movie. Occasionally we get to watch rappers pour champagne on naked ladies here. And it has always been that way: Remember Police Academy 5çNobody has ever wanted to film anything in Miami that's, well, serious ... until now. When Dave Hill, a self-described "fat-ass motherfucker from Cleveland," comes to town, his first order of business is to hire a sexy Venezuelan woman to spray-tan him a parking-cone orange. Next he acquires a burly private security detail. His mission, he announces, is to "take over this town." It's all part of Hill's TV show, The King of Miami, which debuted May 7 on the MOJO Network, available to HDTV subscribers. Though the show's concept is rough, Hill's boundless deadpan energy binds his idiotic misadventures through the town's tourist spots into something as soul-quenching as your mom's meatloaf.


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