Best Street Fighter (2007)

Kimbo Slice

The last time we heard the name Kimbo Slice, it came out of the mouth of an Italian freelance journalist who'd flown all the way to Florida to write about our illicit champion. Apparently bambini in all parts of the boot were pounding one another in their back yards, tussling for no apparent reason, and the name on all their little lips was "Kimbo."Kevin "Kimbo" Ferguson stands 6'2" and cuts a mean figure — 238 pounds of pure muscle. The native Miamian, who claims to have started street brawling at age seven, can be found all over the Internet: sending massive foes tumbling onto hot concrete, dying lawns, and rubber mats. The fights all appear to happen in vaguely familiar Magic City nooks: palm-lined back yards, sweltering boatyards, fluorescent warehouses. Many refuse to get up after a single volley of his terrible punches. Others simply can't. Kimbo appears to have lost only one fight, to a Bostonian copper with a wicked bad guillotine choke.According to the little that's written about Slice, he's 33 years old, a father, and works locally as a bodyguard for the adult Website Plus, he raps.What is Kimbo's appealç Let him tell you himself. "The reality part of it," he said in an interview with "I'm a real dude ... that's what makes me different, and I'm sure my fans love that. I'll see you and say what's up to you, and we can get together and share a burger and a soda." So if you see the town's giant champion, ask him what's up. Buy him a burger and a soda. And hail the fury of his mighty fists.


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