Best Spanish-Language Radio Personality (2007)

Yamile Machin

Perhaps you've seen this sultry vixen, her voluptuous cleavage and her boadacious curves wrapped tightly in a mini spandex police uniform, purring at you from a billboard off the Palmetto Expressway. Her gorgeous hazel eyes and flowing black mane beckon your attention away from the traffic snarl of morning rush hour. Born in Havana five days after the new year in 1973, Machín was raised in a very conservative family. Her father, Pepe Horta, was once director of the famed Cine de la Habana. Machín is one of the stars of El Traketeo, the morning show on La Kalle 98.3 FM, from 6:00 to 11:00 a.m Monday through Friday. With her cohosts Lazarito and Carlucho, she is poised to take over the Spanish-language airwaves, now that the trio's rivals, Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero, no longer reside at competitor El Zol 95.7 FM


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