Best Place To Go Stoned (2007)

The Barnacle

The Barnacle Historic State Park is the perfect environment to enjoy a relaxing high. After you smoke that Philly, step into Old Florida. Walk through the gated entrance, drop some change in the donation box ($1 is suggested), and get a glimpse of what Miami looked like when it was first settled back in the mid-1800s. As you enter the dark corridor of tropical and exotic trees, you can smell the native coffee shrubs that grow wild here. Be careful which plants you touch, because there are poison woods growing here. Look closely and you might be able to watch black sap dripping down their orange trunks (a must-see if you're in the proper state). Inhale the intoxicating breeze as you reach the end of this tropical hardwood hammock, stepping into the five-acre park with Biscayne Bay at its tip. Sit and relax on one of the plush outdoor sofas or rocking chairs as the sailboats on the blue bay slowly float by. Check out the artesian well that was the main source of water for the estate, which was first settled in 1877 by Ralph Munroe, one of Coconut Grove's founders. Take a tour of his house, built in 1891 and the oldest still in its original location in Miami-Dade County.

Location Details

3485 Main Highway
Coconut Grove FL 33133


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