Best Not-So-Cheap Thrill (2007)

Civet Coffee

The Asian palm civet is to beverages as sturgeon is to victuals. The fish produces one of the world's most expensive foods, caviar. The civet produces the planet's priciest coffee, Kopi Luwak. And when we say costly, we mean up to $600 per pound (or around $40 a shot). The stuff is so ¨ber-glamorous that members of the fabulous set sign waiting lists to get their manicured mitts on some. Though Miami establishments like Barton G, 1427 West Ave., Miami Beach (305-672-8881), carry the coffee, it seems like complete crap to the unrefined masses, really. It's farmed from shit. See, the catlike civet (really more like a type of weasel) eats only ripe coffee cherries in the Indonesian jungle, which it then only partially digests. Meaning it poops whole beans that some poor schmuck forages. Sure they clean it up a bit, but that shit-stained bean is the prize. Mmmm, good to the last dropping.


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