Best Flack (2007)

Cece Feinberg

From her Buena Vista house, Cece Feinberg and her small team specialize in highlighting the slightly under-the-radar and very hip side of Miami fashion and culture. This comes with a crowd that's similarly more downtown than South Beach, and nonfashion clients seek her out for a cool-infusion at their events. She's almost singlehandedly responsible for raising the international profile of local swimwear designer Red Carter, whose sexy suits have now graced the hallowed pages of Vogue. She was also instrumental in making Karelle Levy's KRELwear line of high-fashion weaving one of the most talked-about local design exports. Feinberg even made fundraising galas at Vizcaya — including the annual Red, White, and Blue "Pre-Independence Day" parties that take over the grounds every July — young and sexy again.


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