When VIPs such as Tony Blair and his entourage dine at North One 10, chef/proprietor Dewey LoSasso comes out from the kitchen to greet them and accept kudos for his luscious New American cuisine. Sous chefs Christopher Woodard and Paul Malonson will meanwhile be sweating away, keeping the rest of the restaurant's dinners flowing out as LoSasso takes his bows. It is understood that while the executive chef's responsibilities require all manner of promotional/managerial work, the sous chef must take command of minute-by-minute food production and supervision of the kitchen staff. Think of it as an executive chef being the coach, a sous chef the quarterback. And think of Dewey LoSasso as one of the bigger pains in the ass to have to serve under as sous chef. One week he'll put out a Godfather dinner with "Sonny Corleone's Bullet-Ridden Swordfish" (gremolata and tomato-caper ragout); the next week he'll have a Passover dinner with chopped liver toast and three colors of potato kugel; the week after that a "Wines from Washington" event. "I change the menu so often, they tell me it's like Iron Chef when they walk in the kitchen," says LoSasso. "It is a testament to their talent that they can adapt and collaborate with me on these constantly changing themes." It helps that Woodard and Malonson have professional schooling behind them (the Culinary Institute of America and Johnson & Wales)."Customers should never know when the chef is off. Rather, the cuisine should even be better. That is the sign of a great sous chef," LoSasso says. While Dewey was expounding upon this subject with us, no doubt Woodard and Malonson were somewhere in the kitchen, busily chopping away.

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11052 Biscayne Blvd.
North Miami FL 33161


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