Best Songwriter (2007)

Scott Storch

What do 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, and Beyoncé have in commonç They all have sought the golden ears of Miami's top beatmaker/producer Scott Storch, who at just 33 years of age has written a string of hits for many of the top-selling acts in the music industry. From Fat Joe's 2004 hip-hop banger "Lean Back" to Beyoncé's delicious "Baby Boy," Storch's distinctive Middle Eastern-inflected keyboard arrangements have earned him the nickname "the piano man." In 2004 he was named "songwriter of the year" at the prestigious ASCAP Music Awards, whose past winners have included Quincy Jones and Burt Bacharach. Mr. Storch is equally known for his over-the-top lifestyle. Living it up in his waterfront Star Island estate, he reportedly owns thirteen cars (the luxury kind), has christened his yacht "Storchavelli," and briefly dated Paris Hilton. Storch is currently in the middle of a high-profile beef with super producer Timbaland over production credits for Justin Timberlake's 2003 smash, "Cry Me a River." Regardless of the controversies, the main attraction remains Storch's uncanny ability to come up with bouncy summer hits like "Impacto," the new hit single from Daddy Yankee. Which is why high-profile artists head down to Miami when they want to score a number one.


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