Best Place for Cocktails (2007)

Cielo Garden and Supper Club

When it comes to cocktails and the places that serve them, details matter. Dirty martinis require just the right amount of vermouth and olive juice, while decent bars thrive on atmosphere and quality service. All things considered, Cielo has the right ingredients to make it the ideal place for relaxing with your drink of choice. Beads hang from the windows, creating the illusion of a sparkly blue waterfall trickling over diners and drinkers. Suede barstools and white contemporary sofas look as if they were inspired by the creamy softness of a white Russian. The clientele and ambiance scream wealth, but rest assured that at $9 for well drinks and $12 for premium cocktails, you're getting your money's worth — the staff is both attentive and well versed in the art of mixing drinks. Live Latin acts take the stage most nights, but a quieter experience is still available with a simple reservation. In the wine room, patrons can dine and drink in a glass-enclosed area supplied with wine racks and a high-def i. Those who opt to chill at the bar or in the lounge area will quickly see that the patrons at Cielo are as pretty as the décor — and remember, the only thing that makes a good cocktail better is the environment in which it's enjoyed.


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