Best Nightlife Trend (2007)


Miami's nightlife scene is undeniably fickle. Just think of all those clubs closing and opening like the legs of a pantyless celeb caught on camera. Wait, that's not right — there's nothing fickle about Paris, Lindsay, and Britney's ho antics. That stuff is permanent. But seriously, the one thing you can always count on (at least in Miami) is variety. And with so many options, why stay in one club all nightç The biggest nightlife destinations around 305 tend to cluster in proximity to each other, making it easy to hop from one place to the next. If you're downtown, you can start the night off chill at PS 14 (28 NE Fourteenth St.) and then take it up a notch by heading two blocks south to Pawn Shop (1222 NE Second Ave.) or one more street down to Twilo (30 NE Eleventh St.). On the beach, Mansion (1235 Washington Ave.) and Cameo (1445 Washington Ave.) are within walking distance, while the chic Nikki Beach (1 Ocean Drive) and elite Privé (136 Collins Ave.) are just a short cab ride away. If partygoers still have fuel (or drugs) to burn at 5:00 a.m., Space (34 NE Eleventh St.), Nocturnal (50 NE Eleventh St.), and Cafeteria (546 Lincoln Road) are just some of the clubs on the after-hours sampler platter — and it won't cost you even a gallon of unleaded.


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