Nowadays, when it seems like even the corner bodegas in South Beach demand a cover charge, it's reassuring to find a hangout that caters to low-rent locals. And it's even better when said spot has a kick-ass karaoke night. Thanks to Felt, the friendly and nonpretentious billiards bar on Washington Avenue, the community's would-be singers have a karaoke night to call their own. Every Tuesday evening, Felt hosts a no-holds-barred sing-your-heart-out night. You won't find any velvet rope attitude here, but you will certainly run into plenty of jukebox heroes willing to rock out to their favorite songs. But be forewarned: You never know who's going to strut in and treat you to a round of covers. Just two months ago Vince Neil (lead singer of Motley Crue) got down to Journey's megacheese classic "Loving Touching Squeezing," and, you guessed it, sang an alcohol-fueled karaoke rendition of what else but "Girls, Girls Girls," his band's heartfelt paean to South Florida strippers. What more could you ask of a karaoke nightç Well, drink specials start at five dollars and there's no cover. However you better be able to hold a tune. These regulars take their karaoke seriously.

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Location Details

1242 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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