Best Dance Club (2007)


Blue is the antithesis of big, glamorous clubs and the arrogance, crappy music, and cover charges that come with them. At this humble little watering hole, there's rarely a cover or a line and the dress code is as relaxed as the place itself — which makes sense. If you're going to dance, you need to be comfortable, and the best dance attire doesn't include four-inch designer heels or a stiff $300 shirt. A pair of worn jeans and comfy sneakers will do at Blue. Underground house and techno DJs spin regularly, making Blue the to-be spot for true dance music aficionados. Patrons pump their fists to the beat of the kick drum and chat up a storm, as most of the people who frequent the club are friends and part of a small community of fierce electronic music lovers. Despite the venue's small size, it usually doesn't get too crowded and there's room to dance. While Blue may not share the prestige of its more urbane dance club neighbors, the regulars prefer it that way: low-key and down-home.


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