Best Club DJ (2007)

Joe Dert

Why do we like Joe Dertç Well, because his mashups are Derty, damn it! Not long ago, the Miami Beach Jewbano homeboy was on his way to celebreality superstar status as the drummer for nu-metal band Endo. He signed right before the band went on tour with rock icons Megadeth, which led to an avalanche of accolades and hype for Endo. They hooked up with Los Angeles music producer David Schiffman, the William Morris Agency, and the Firm. As Endo wrapped up its second album, the band was added to the 2003 Ozzfest tour lineup. Alas, Endo was among the casualties from the merger between Sony Music and BMG. Dert (real name Joe Eshkenazi) went back to his old gig: DJing at night clubs. He landed stints at Automatic Slim's and Rokbar before snagging the Saturday-night residency spot at Snatch and Wednesday nights at Glass, where he's perfected his entertaining blend of rock, hip-hop, and funk. Dert can drop an Eminem track behind rock instrumentals so smoothly Dr. Dre would cough up his chronic. Over the past few months, Dert has added Set on Thursday nights and Karu & Y on Friday nights to his growing list of gigs. And that's how we like it, damn it!


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