When it comes to tattoos, there are two kinds of people: the mousy and the masochistic. The former usually squirm with fear and nausea when they hear the low hum of the ink gun as it nears their flesh. On the opposite end of the tolerance spectrum are the pain enthusiasts who seem almost elevated with euphoria as the needle pierces their skin a hundred times a second. The approach to being tattooed isn't the only point of contention among body-art fans. Quality and taste are often sensitive topics. Just the mention of South Beach and tattoos in the same sentence elicits eye-rolls from some elitists as they conjure up images of butterflies and tribal patterns. But there is one sanctuary where the two words don't produce a cringe from aficionados. Whether you have a sleeve or virgin skin, barb-wire biceps or sparrow-adorned hips, South Beach Tattoo Company can give you quality work. Ken Cameron and his inked buddies have an impressive repertoire that includes portraits and traditional, new-school, and Japanese styles. From Mark Ryden's Rose painting to decapitated Frankenstein's monster heads to fiery dragons, all works include vibrant colors, exact lines, and quality workmanship. First-timers need not worry about condescending retorts to their naive questions: The staff at South Beach Tattoo Company is not only talented but also pretty nice.

Location Details

861 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33139


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