Best Place to Train Your Puppy (2006)

The Miami Obedience Club

Your Yorkie is making lots of mistakes. Your dachshund is a runaway risk. And Sparky refuses to sit pretty. You can take care of these out-of-control hounds by contacting the K9 experts at the Miami Obedience Club. For the past twenty years, they've been teaching Miamians how to teach their dogs. This is no joke, no two-hour seminar. It starts with an intensive eight-week course -- you'll begin by learning the basics, such as simply how to get your dog's attention, but you'll soon progress to more complex tasks, like lying down, and staying. The Miami Obedience Club has a Montessori-like approach. It's all positive. Dogs are rewarded only for proper behavior; they're never punished. The school, which meets every Monday night, has swift-moving, hour-long classes, but it always includes homework. And if your pooch has potential, you can take more advanced classes. Three levels are offered at 80 bucks a class. This is the place to get your dog on the track to "best in show."


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