Best Place to Go Before You Get Stoned (2006)

High Tide Tobacco & Gifts

Miami has beautiful women and wonderful weather. And trust that we're no slouch in the killer bud department. Our fair city might not have the stonerific rep of Humboldt County in California, Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, or anywhere in Canada, but damn, if you know where to look and your pockets are deep enough, you can score some blueberry yum-yum good enough for a rap song. Tasty Mary Jane demands a quality smoking apparatus -- preferably a water pipe with an ice chamber to chill the smoke and filter the flavor on the way to your lungs. The best place to get a bong like that is High Tide. A random afternoon stroll through the spacious store can reveal a fascinatingly diverse variety of customers -- old hippies with gray ponytails, seasoned local veterans, and giggling, glassy-eyed University of Miami sorority girls all cluster around the glass cabinets. Laid-back attendants help you figure out the difference between a sherlock and a sidecar, or explain the finer differences between Philly, Dutchies, and Garcia y Vega blunts. Best of all, the prices are just right. You can buy a simple hammer pipe for $30, or invest in an ornate, display-worthy bong adorned with hand-blown glass butterflies for $300.

Location Details

9814 S. Dixie Highway
Pinecrest FL 33156


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