Best Place to Get Stroked by a Lap Nanny (2006)

Salon Poochini

Sebastian lounges on the plush floral sofa, while Peaches prefers the cool tile floor. Samantha perches in the wicker love seat; and as she turns her head, her Swarovski crystal and pearl necklace sparkles in the soft lamp light. For Chloe, lounging on the chaise is fine for now. But should any of the girls feel a little lonely, there is always a Lap Nanny nearby, ready to offer up TLC by scratching itchy lobes or rubbing biscuit-filled, burbling bellies. Welcome to Salon Poochini, a grooming spa, cage-free daycare, and hotel for pampered pooches. Much like their furry brethren who frequent other grooming shops, canine visitors to this place are familiar with the whirl of the clippers and the feel of shampoo on their wet fur. And much like their nonfurry owners who visit fancy groomers, customers here find high-end prices: A bath starts at $25, a haircut at $45, and an overnight stay at the hotel, including "daycare, meals, brushing, hugs, and kisses," starts at $55. Here purebreds and mutts alike enjoy extras such as the run of the shabby chic hotel, rhinestone barrettes, and the option of watching three huge flat-screen televisions. Of course all three TVs are set to one station: Animal Planet.


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