Best Place to Get a Used Bicycle (2006)


When Miamians are sick of things lying around their homes, many list said items on Craigslist. And this, my friends, is a way for two-wheel bargain hunters to snarf up a deal. A recent search turned up two $200 BMXs, in perfect condition, both being sold for less than $60. A slightly used GT was going for $25. If you're a total Cheapy McCheap, type in the maximum amount you're willing to spend next to the search box, and you'll get bikes in your range. If you can't be bothered to, like, exercise, you can also find used electric scooters. And if you're thinking of joining a Latino gang in L.A., every once in a while you can even find a custom low-rider bike. Most of the listings are in Miami, but there are also some in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale.


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