Take a deep breath. Slowly let it out. Crunch! Oh, yes. The thrill of the pierce -- that pain followed by an exhilarating endorphin rush -- is as exciting as the sparkly new ornament now dangling from your body. While most piercing places are really tattoo shops with a sideline, at New Age you don't have to hear that annoying buzz while you're waiting to add a little bling to your nostril, belly button, or tongue -- the most common piercings Luis has seen at the shop he's been poking around the past five years. "But people are starting to get more into cartilage," he adds. The shop was remodeled a few years ago, and it now glistens with glass cabinets and a counter filled with shiny, shiny rings and barbells. The soothing green color scheme is classy, and the tile floors are clean. "It's a little more inviting and clinical," says Luis. There's a sofa and television for chillin', and a case of scary medical tools to peruse while you're trying to keep your mind off that big needle that will soon be going through your tragus. But don't worry -- Luis has a gentle touch, and he's the sweetest and most charming piercer we've ever met. Tempted but not sure what you want to get done? The Website has photos that show almost everything -- including graphic images of impaled genitalia. Basic piercing ranges from $45 to $55, including starter jewelry and detailed care instructions. Luis will remind you to come back to have your piercing checked a few times. He cares about the hole he's put in your body.

Location Details

3070 Grand Ave.
Coconut Grove FL 33133


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