That's right: no grapes. You've gotta try it before you judge. The Schneblys make some delicious little wines from a local tropical harvest that includes mango, guava, and passion fruit. The clean, crisp nature of the carambola (star fruit) wine ($13.95) makes it the most reminiscent of a traditional white. The yummy litchi and mango varieties are basically dessert in a glass ... dessert plus eleven percent alcohol, natch. Schnebly is a tiny winery, with a pretty coral waterfall, that's within spitting distance of Everglades National Park. That makes it the southernmost winery in the continental United States, at least as far as we can tell. So yes, you have to trek to Homestead to sip. But there are advantages. After tippling, you can stop by Robert Is Here and pick up some juicy tidbits with which to enjoy these luscious, syrupy finds. Try the guava wine with cheesecake, and prepare to swoon.

Location Details

30205 SW 217th Ave.
Homestead FL 33030


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