Best Tour (2006)

Stiltsville and Key Biscayne Boat Tour

So you just came into some bayside property and you want to build a hurricane-proof home. What's the first thing that comes to mind? It wouldn't happen to be elevating your house, would it? If archaeologists are correct about the function of the Miami Circle, the earliest known locals built their village on a series of stilts near the mouth of the Miami River. Even 2000 years later, it's still the trendy thing to do: Enjoy Paul George, of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, as he regales you with tales of the fishermen, socialites, and mobsters who populated Stiltsville, the controversial "neighborhood" located on the mud flats near Key Biscayne. The unique group of elevated homes has been one of the area's most popular attractions since the Twenties, but catch it before a hurricane or government official demolishes the last seven houses. Cost: $39. Next scheduled launch is Mother's Day, May 14.


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