Best Tailgate Party (2006)

New York Jets vs. Miami Dolphins home game

Yo, Vinny! Yeah, you, with the putrid, beer-stained, urine-soiled Wayne Chrebet jersey! You've been living in Miami-Dade County for the past fifteen years and you still talk like you belong in a Brooklyn bagel shop! And didn't your wife tell you that mullets and mutton-chop sideburns went out of style back in 1969, the only year your lousy stinkin' Jets won a Super Bowl? I can't wait to see you later this year at Dolphin Stadium so me and my boys in Section 454 can kick your ass and serenade you with chants of "J-E-T-S suck! Suck!" before, during, and after the game. And don't forget to bring the 24-pack of Coronas and the ten pounds of barbecue ribs you owe us from that bet you lost last season.


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