Best Place to Hike (2006)

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Creak. Crackle. Hissssss. Caw! Buzzzzzz. "Jesus!" you shout as you take off running down the trail, away from the scary flying insect and swooping osprey. High and bright, the noon sun has nowhere to hide in the ceramic blue sky. You are hot and you have to pee. As you turn and see the sandy trail wending through the palmettos and uprooted sea grapes, your mind slowly releases thoughts of taxes and work assignments and begins to wonder if anyone would hear you scream if one of those noisy critters attacked you. Relax. You are not lost in the Everglades with the aliens and pythons; you are barely fifteen minutes from downtown Miami, on the tip of Key Biscayne (and there are public restrooms around the park). It is the perfect escape for those who may not be the outdoor type but suddenly have a strong urge to run away from the city for a few hours. Hike the trails around the mangrove wetlands and No Name Harbor, and then follow the seawall until you see the stilt houses in Biscayne Bay. You'll be a new person by the time you sit on the sand next to the lighthouse and lose yourself in the vast expanse of the Atlantic.


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