Best Herald Writer (2006)

Charles Rabin

From Hillsboro to Monroe, no story is too small or too big for Rabin. That's because Chuck is one of the sharpest nails in the Miami Herald's toolbox. A veteran reporter with a Jimmy Buffett fashion sense, Rabin can tackle any subject to which he's assigned. Consider his reporting this past February: He hounded North Bay Village officials about the contaminated debris from a Wilma-whacked houseboat mecca. He shadowed a trio of prominent Israelis who were visiting Miami to discuss Hamas, Iran's nuclear ambitions, and the ceding of the Gaza Strip. And he strolled the halls of the Miami-Dade criminal courthouse to keep us abreast of the latest convicted murderer sent to life in prison. Yup, he can tell a story straight, but when he's allowed to indulge in creativity, Rabin shines. Consider this passage from one of his recent columns: "I'm moving into the City of Miami next week, and I'm getting an elephant -- a big, smelly, strapping, noisy, pooping pachyderm. As for my new neighbors, their complaints are likely to fall on deaf ears anyway. That's because the City of Miami has no ordinance or law making it illegal for wild animals to live on residential private property."


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