Shake-a-Leg Miami

BEST SAILBOAT RENTAL Shake-a-Leg Miami 2620 S. Bayshore Drive

Coconut Grove

305-858-5550 You'd rather be sailing, but you don't own a boat, so you must either suck up to someone who does or rent. You can make your money work harder by renting a sloop from Shake-a-Leg, easily the coolest sailing program in the county. Founded in 1990 by Harry Horgan, the organization concentrates on providing opportunities for the physically and financially challenged to spend time at sea. (About a dozen of the sailboats are designed for disabled sailors.) The organization also hosts a summer camp, after-school programs, and outings for children. To rent a sailboat you must first become a member of Shake-a-Leg. Rates range from $50 for a "crew" membership to $1200 for the "admiral" level. Anyone may qualify for the "captain" level after volunteering a certain number of hours per month. Rental rates depend on the size of the boat, ranging from $95 for four hours to $195 for a full day. If you want to learn to sail, there are several programs available for that, including one aimed at singles. For $150 and up trainees receive sixteen hours of instruction. If you just want to get out on a boat without piloting it yourself, Shake-a-Leg also offers trips, such as the three-hour Miami by Moonlight, which costs $16, a meager sum for an oceanic trip in lunar light.


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