Key Biscayne

BEST PLACE TO ROAD BIKE Key Biscayne If you live in South Florida, you won't find climbs to help in your quest for the yellow jersey, but if you crave a challenge, ride toward Key Biscayne. The closest thing you'll find to Alpe d'Huez in Miami is the big bridge on the Rickenbacker Causeway. It may not be much, but cyclists still use it to train for competition. Try pedaling up and down it a few times, and then see how energetic you feel. Beyond the bridge, the key itself has great bike lanes. You might encounter a motorist honking and yelling out the window ("get off the road" or words to such effect), but this breed of driver is less common in the Key Biscayne area than in, say, Kendall. Ocean views and mangrove forests line the way as you trek beyond the bridge. If you prefer a ritzier scene, travel through the streets of the island, where mansions and expensive cars abound.


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