Miami Springs

BEST PEDESTRIAN EXPERIENCE Miami Springs Glenn H. Curtiss Memorial Circle and Westward Drive Demure, lovely Miami Springs is the kind of town you rely on for comfort after other South Florida neighborhoods have drained your wallet and soul. Its quiet elegance makes the city perfect for a peaceful, contemplative stroll. While it may seem obvious to use the Curtiss Parkway pedestrian trail, leave that for the bicyclists and skateboarders or for a longer ramble. Begin your walk at the historic Stadnik's Drugstore and wind your way around the traffic circle. Consider walking across the street to visit the Glenn H. Curtiss Memorial Circle (honoring the town's founder) where a gazebo is a focal point for many gatherings. When you reach Westward Drive, turn onto it. The median has a nice pedestrian walkway, and the traffic here is so light you can almost cross at will. Shops, cafés, and offices line this strip, but it is the intoxicating atmosphere that recalls how Miami was some 30 to 40 years ago that is the draw. At Esplanade Drive you can stop to feed the ducks roaming Cinema Park, or just turn around and return to your starting point. Believe it or not, the parking is free.


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