Rollerblading toward a sunset

BEST NATURAL HIGH Rollerblading toward a sunset For those who live in Miami, developing a chemical dependency comes as naturally as developing a taste for black beans and rice. Overindulging in such pleasures can be seriously detrimental to your health. That's why it's a good idea to satisfy your jones for hallucinogenic-style visuals while deploying a healthy weapon in the battle of the bulge. As dusk brings an end to the day, strap on those Rollerblades and head west. After a few minutes of rigorous skating, your brain will begin releasing chemicals that will create an effect similar to an acid trip. It's only a bonus that plenty of calories will melt away as you glide along. No matter what part of town you're in, the westward roll should provide a vivid vista, but there is one place that really accentuates the euphoric bliss that accompanies communing with the kaleidoscopic color scheme of the Miami skyline at sunset. The Kendall Lakes area near SW 137th Avenue and Kendall Drive is far enough from the city that the view is not blocked by towering buildings. While you're shedding pounds, a virtual rookery of birds will perform aerial acrobatics against the fiery backdrop for your viewing pleasure. This particular area also has an excellent bike path that circles a lake, offering a great view of the sun going down behind a golf course riddled with oddly shaped trees. Perfect for a peaceful trip toward a healthy body and stimulated mind.


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