Latin America Cafeteria

BEST SMOOTHIE Latin America Cafeteria Various locations in Miami-Dade County What's not to like about a smoothie? For one thing the word itself, which to pronounce in public is almost as embarrassing as admitting to being a "foodie" or "Trekkie." Then there's the tendency of smoothie joints (do you really want to be seen entering a "smoothie joint"?) to throw incongruous ingredients together into the blender: Peanut butter, tofu, and spinach may be healthful, but they don't make for a particularly attractive beverage. Anyway, now you know what's not to like about a smoothie. What there is to like about it is that it can be refreshing, salubrious, and, on a hot afternoon, heavenly. At Latin America Cafeteria the shakes are called by their older, Cuban name, batidos -- an improvement right off the bat. Try the frothy foursome of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mamey; it's so deliriously delicious you'll end up ordering it over and over again.


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