Frankie's Big City Grill

BEST SANDWICH SHOP Frankie's Big City Grill

8601 Biscayne Boulevard


305-762-5333 A sandwich is a sandwich is a sandwich -- two pieces of bread or a roll cut in half, with stuff in between. Two exceptions: The bread you choose happens to bear an image of the Virgin Mary, in which case it sells for oodles of money and tours the country accompanied by a Miami Herald columnist; the sandwich comes from Frankie's Big City Grill, which means it's fresh, fat, and delicious. The "Big City" theme is culled from 14 of the 60 sandwiches (plus 17 breakfast sandwiches) being modeled after signature snacks of American metropolises. Fact is, the Virgin Mary bread probably couldn't find a stopover that isn't represented on Frankie's menu. New Orleans? Muffuletta. Boston? Italian sausage. Our town is appropriately represented with properly pressed medianoches. There's also pastrami from the Big Apple, crabcakes from Maryland, strip steak from Kansas City -- you get the idea. Frankie and wife Priscilla are from Philly, and you can find them on the premises proudly putting forth an exemplary version of their brotherly city's cheese-steak sandwich -- slices of sizzling rib eye and white American cheese, a cup of hot peppers on the side. Ask for "cheese with," which brings sautéed onions on top.


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