Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market

BEST RESTAURANT FOR LUNCH Garcia's Seafood Grille & Fish Market 398 NW North River Drive


305-375-0765 Grab a chair on the patio overlooking a particularly rickety stretch of the Miami River. We're talking about that old Miami River, scene of frequent drug busts during the Eighties and costar of the Miami Vice television series, the river that rolls by as you spread Garcia's complimentary dolphin dip onto your Saltines, and rolls by more as a peerless conch chowder is placed before you, and as a grilled snapper (or dolphin or grouper or mullet) fresh from the market up front arrives folded into a soft bun, and a side plate of fried plantains or regular fries or any of a number of choices gets plunked down on the wooden table. Yeah, that river keeps on rollin' as boats chug by and seagulls flock, as the sun glistens off the water and shoots sparkling rays that reflect coolly off your shades, and as you pour yourself an ice-cold beer. My, that key lime pie looks good. River rolls. Time flies. Lunch hour is over. Back to work.


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