BEST RESTAURANT FOR A POWER LUNCH The Capital Grille 444 Brickell Avenue


305-374-4500 Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and absolutely corrupt power tearing up 5-pound lobsters and ravaging through 24-ounce slabs of porterhouse is downright frightening. Yet it occurs daily come lunchtime at The Capital Grille. Located at the Brickell Avenue apex of Miami's financial center, the Grille's mahogany walls and private booths provide the proper backdrop for corporate wheeling. An award-winning wine list and aptly dry martinis set the stage for daring dealing. And quiet, gracious service minimizes distraction. Giant cuts of meat dry-age on hooks in a glass locker visible to diners, perhaps a not-so-subtle metaphor for the worst-case scenario of a deal gone bad. Still there's always the considerable consolation derived from executive chef Innocent Utomi's powerful steak-and-seafood house cuisine. How important can money be when one is presented with a wedge of iceberg smothered in blue cheese and bacon; a thick, succulent Delmonico steak; a decadent chocolate espresso cake? Only important enough to pay the hefty bill. But don't worry, the company will pick it up, and besides, lunch here is well worth the price. Delicious food satisfies, and The Capital Grille's absolutely delicious food satisfies absolutely.


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