BEST MICROBREWED BEER Titanic Restaurant & Brewery 5813 Ponce de Leon Boulevard

Coral Gables

305-667-2537 When he decided to dip his toe into the rapidly growing microbrewery pool, Kevin Rusk wasn't entirely sold on the concept. He took his time, did a ton of research, and was considering the ideal theme for such an establishment. At the time, his partner Keith Wyness was affiliated with the cruise ship industry. He promised to deliver busloads of thirsty tourists as long as they came up with a catchy tie-in with the cruise industry. Rusk decided to call the place Titanic. When he's asked, "How could you possibly decide to name a business after a disaster of that magnitude?" Rusk replies, with a twinkle in his eye, "I like it. I thought it had a good edge to it." He waxes eloquent about the history of the ship itself, of the labor that went into its creation. Then he explains, "This was intended as a celebration of this incredible feat, as opposed to its demise." Fans of this exceptional neighborhood bar certainly won't let this ship go under, not with such a wonderful selection of unique brews available for swigging. Titanic's brewmaster, Stephen Copeland, attended the Seibel Institute, one of only two brewery schools in America. Copeland and Rusk chose the recipes from classic, established beers of the world and experimented with the formulas to create six unique beers that remain fixtures at the bar. The Triple Screw Light Ale is their most popular by far, a German-style pale, golden elixir with a dry, tart finish and a 4+ percent alcohol content. Their strongest brew is the White Star India Pale Ale, a remix of classic English ale with a 7+ percent kick. Titanic's beers range from the palest of ales, to honey browns, to full-bodied stouts. Besides the six stars of the permanent lineup, Titanic offers seasonal varieties that leave regulars wanting more when those ales suddenly disappear. There are no current plans to increase the standard lineup, but there's plenty more to quench your thirst at this place. Titanic also brews up a delicious apple cider, offers a range of commercial draft and bottled beers, and a full liquor bar besides. Despite the bar's proximity to the University of Miami, Rusk is careful to distinguish his place from the typical college hangout. Titanic doesn't serve pitchers, the bartenders scrutinize ID cards carefully, and the ambiance is mature and tastefully decorated with the awards they have won along the way, including previous Best of Miami nods. In 1999 they won a Brewie Award and were named Best Start-Up at the National Brew Pub Conference. In 2000 they became the only brewery in the state to win a World Beer Cup award. Titanic regulars might also want to give Rusk and company an award for most considerate brewery. Titanic goes beyond the call, making regulars feel at home with the Mug Club, which, for a mere $85, entitles members to a high-quality Titanic Mug Club shirt or hat, a complimentary dinner every Wednesday, and their own engraved mug at the bar, to be filled with twenty ounces of cold, refreshing beer that can't be enjoyed elsewhere.

Location Details

5813 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables FL 33146


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