Bissaleh Café

BEST KOSHER RESTAURANT Bissaleh Café 17608 Collins Avenue


305-682-2224 The most appealing aspect of this kosher vegetarian Israeli dairy restaurant-pizzeria-juice-and-coffee bar may be that it boasts the boisterous ambiance of a bustling Tel Aviv café. Which isn't to say the food is chopped liver. It is anything but, the moo-themed menu pretty much devoted to dairy -- the Land of Milk and Honey without the honey, so to speak. Don't let that stop you from indulging in a sampling of foods you've never heard of and might have difficulty pronouncing. For example: "fluts," "malawachs," "borekas," and "bissaleh" -- all different Yemenite breads either stuffed, rolled, or capped with varying combos of vegetables and cheese. The Star Wars-sounding malawach is a good place to start, the sweet, crunchy crust shaped like a pizza and baked with choice of toppings. They named the café after the bissaleh, so you have to figure the ring of flaky, buttery, sesame-flecked bread wrapped around spinach, olives, mushrooms, and feta must be praiseworthy. It is, especially with the array of spicy dips, hard-boiled eggs, marinated carrots, and red cabbage that serve as accompaniments. Dishes you have heard of are adeptly prepared too, particularly stellar renditions of Greek salad, hummus, and nightly seafood specials. Try to save room for a curiously gratifying dessert of watermelon and feta cheese. Best night: Saturday after sundown until 3:00 a.m.


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