Lucciano Pasta

BEST HOMEMADE PASTA Lucciano Pasta 18288 Collins Avenue

Sunny Isles

305-792-6940 It's time to bring in the lawyers and file a class action suit against Atkins. The case is simple: Any diet that requires the relinquishing of pasta constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. Wait -- not a good idea. We could never assemble a jury with impartial views toward pasta because everybody loves the stuff -- but hardly anyone knows about Lucciano Pasta, which means almost everybody is missing out on the freshest, eggiest, tastiest homemade noodles this side of Bologna. The cozy wholesale/retail shop quietly opened two years ago in a Sunny Isles strip mall, since then supplying restaurants and grateful neighborhood residents with fresh fettuccine, spaghetti, pappardelle, gnocchi, and their signature filled pastas: ravioli, caseritos (big ravioli), and sorrentinos (round ravioli) sumptuously plumped with choice of spinach, ricotta, chicken, pumpkin, beef, or ham and cheese. Take 'em home and cook yourself up a beautiful budget dinner (a dozen sauces are for sale as well), though it might be even less expensive if you grab one of the 22 seats in the store's cafe and order from the menu ($6.50 to $11.50 for pasta entrees). Lucciano makes thin-crust pizzas too, and in a shrewd nod to the neighborhood's ethnic makeup, puts forth surprisingly delicious empanadas and pierogis. Well, a stuffed dough is a stuffed dough, and nobody's dough, stuffed or otherwise, is as good as Lucciano's. Now everybody knows.


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