BEST GREEK RESTAURANT Mylos 1111 Ponce de Leon Boulevard

Coral Gables

305-461-0403 Some Greek restaurants excel at throwing napkins in the air and smashing a lot of plates. You wouldn't want to do that at Mylos. They need those plates like a painter needs blank canvases. On what else would they serve their inimitable Greek salad? Or the whole fresh snapper that crackles with flame-grilled flavor, the leg of lamb redolent of mint, the homemade dolmades, the heavenly saline taramasalata. Would the moist, multilayered moussaka taste the same if eaten from the hands? No, this charming restaurant in the quaint Chateaubleau Hotel doesn't need gimmicks. They would rather you concentrate on the fresh, traditional Greek foods, exceedingly friendly and attentive service, and, well, um, belly dancing on Fridays.


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