Dawg House Grill

BEST FRENCH FRIES Dawg House Grill 1111 Collins Avenue

Miami Beach

305-604-3647 Once upon a time the best French fries were the ones grandma made with her crinkle-cut slicer, deep fryer, and aged Crisco seasoned with assorted residues from the previous 21 days of high-temperature gurgling. But times, they a-changed, and tastes did too. Today, saturated with the latest findings of cooking oil research, we think if fries aren't cooked in canola oil, then it's baloney. Or something as revolting. That said, there is simply no substitute for "fresh-cut" fries, the term used by gourmet chefs across the globe to indicate that earlier in the day they (the fries, not the cooks) were part of a nice raw potato. As any fresh-cut fries freak knows, a good bistro is where to find them. However, Dawg House Grill, located on the ground-floor terrace of the Tudor Hotel, offers a bistro-style French fry at a burger-joint price ($2.75). Cleverly served in a cone of paper tucked inside a stylish metal holder, they come with a surprising assortment of condiments: balsamic vinaigrette, red wine vinaigrette, aioli, coconut chili sauce, and regular old ketchup.

Readers´ Choice: McDonald´s


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