BEST FLAN (2005)

Lila's Westchester Restaurant

BEST FLAN Lila's Westchester Restaurant 8518 Coral Way

West Miami-Dade

305-553-6061 There is a science to perfect flan: Look for holes in the texture. If flan is cooked at too high a heat, the mixture bubbles, leaving behind little holes with hardened edges. Flan with holes is not good flan. Lila's Restaurant in Westchester serves up a flan that is not only hole-free but also good enough to be sold in Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Sedano's grocery stores across Florida. The grocery-available Cuban custard, however, had its origins at Lila's Restaurant, where owner Reinaldo Navarro, Sr. served up his secret recipe. His son Reinaldo Navarro, Jr. and Navarro, Jr.'s wife Sara, were working at the restaurant at the time and eventually borrowed the recipe to open up their own dessert destination, Lila's Desserts, located in Kendall. Between Lila's Desserts, Lila's Restaurant, and the sweets section at your local supermarket, picking up the Navarros' famed caramel treat is as easy as, um, flan.


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