Mo's Bagel & Deli

BEST DELICATESSEN Mo's Bagel & Deli 2780 NE 187th Street


305-936-8555 Ask Mo's fiercely faithful regulars about the roasted chicken, Roumanian steak, or stuffed cabbage, and their praise will be effusive. Inquire about the sizable sides of potato latkes and kasha varnishkas, and they'll weary you with glowing adjectives. Let the customers express themselves freely and you'll hear everything you ever wanted to know about Mo's creamed herring, matzoh brei, challah French toast, and noodle kügel with maraschino cherries inside (use this opportunity to sip some Dr. Brown's soda, glance around the spacious room, and take in the New York neighborhood deli décor). We warn you: Don't bring up the deliciously sweet, vanilla-infused homemade blintzes or impossibly plumped pastrami and corned beef sandwiches (such a pickle on the side!) or, God forbid, the bronzed, hand-rolled, baked-on-premise bagels -- unless you've got plenty of time on your hands. Brace yourself -- bagel talk will only lead to huzzahs for the challahs, babkas, and rugelach from Mo's exceptional bakery counter. When you've heard your fair share of deli accolades for the day, casually drop the words "So, how are the kids?" into the conversation, and the previously chatty patrons will likely respond, "Don't ask."

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