BEST CUBAN SANDWICH Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop 186 NE 29th Street


305-573-4681 Abuelita is going to lay the smack down if she finds out about this guilty pleasure. It will most certainly break her frail heart to learn about the culinary adultery that will ensue once you bite into the orgasm-inducing pressed bread, ham, cheese, and pork this tiny shack serves up. They pile it on. A super-thick, hearty portion makes the sandwiches here almost two inches thick. What really makes it special is the juicy butter they dab on the bread that leads to a moist mouthful of heaven. Note: The fact that this place is located across the way from the New Times building may lead to speculation that we've been compromised. Bring abuelita and try one before casting any stones.

Location Details

186 NE 29th St.
Miami FL 33137


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